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Czech proofreading
1 SP* 70 CZK

*SP = standard page = 250 source words

Do you need a high quality translation at a low price? It should be worth waiting for.

Do you need a translation of high quality and fast delivery? It should be worth paying for.

Překlad/1NS výchozího textu Tlumočení** Soudní ověření překladu
English-Czech 350 CZK 3000 CZK / half-day 150 CZK
Czech-English 420 CZK* 3000 CZK / half-day 150 CZK
French-Czech 350 CZK 3000 CZK / half-day -
Czech-French 420 CZK* 3000 CZK / half-day -

* Proofreading by native speakers always included in the price.
** Interpretation fee by agreement. The price is determined according to the length of the interpreting job; it is possible to agree on an hourly rate. We provide court interpretation that requires special certification. Travel expenses are covered by the customer.

The highest quality for the lowest price? When it comes to language, this is very hard to pull off. Neither does it always pay off. The lowest price usually gets you the lowest quality and consequences will ensue in the form of higher expenses and the need to fix the damage caused. Sloppy translation, unreliable interpretation or spelling errors are often followed by unpleasant surprises.